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We believe that Carers have crucial role in improving the lives of those they care for, but that sometimes it can be difficult for Carers views to be heard. A Carers role is often a lonely, demanding, frustrating and exhausting one, and being asked to express your views to others, particularly professionals, can be a daunting prospect.

At Highland Carers Advocacy we believe that the views and opinions of Carers are of the utmost importance and we are committed to supporting Carers to speak out.

People we can support:
• A person who cares for someone who has an illness, disability or condition which requires them to need support.
• Carers who are over 16 years of age – a separate service exists to support younger carers
• Carers who do not live in Highland but the person they care for is resident in Highland and carers who live in Highland but care for an individual who lives elsewhere

We can support you by:
• Listening to you and trying to understand your situation
• Being by your side if you need us
• Helping you be clear about what you want to say and say it for you if you prefer
• Helping with letter writing
• Preparation to attend meetings
• Helping you think of the questions you want to ask
• Finding information which might help you make choices

We will not:
• Make decisions for you
• Tell you or advise you what to do
• Speak for you when you are able to do so for yourself
• Guarantee the outcome you might want

We are:
• Independent – although the service is funded by NHS Highland, our role is to be focussed on your needs, not the funders or anyone else
• Confidential – Information is only shared with your permission with the exception of any information suggesting that there may be a risk of harm to a child or vulnerable person.
• Free – there is no cost to you for using the service regardless of how long or how often you choose to become involved with us
• Accessible – we can meet you in your area, or you can contact us by phone, email or text

Highland Carers Advocacy

Glen Orrin House, High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9TF

by phone: 01463 723 569

by e-mail:

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Highland Carers Advocacy is free, confidential and independent from other service provider agencies.

Recognised Scottish Charity (No. SC020501)